Mold is a tiny living organism. It falls under a group of animals known as fungi. It is majorly growing on rotten food and reproduces using spores. These spores may grow on any surface not only the rotten food making it dangerous. They are majorly found in damp or moist places. They are likely to found in places like kitchen, bathroom, basement and in places where water leakages can be found. Here are some of the ways how you can detect mold in your homes.


You should search for mold. It usually shows in patches of different colors on external walls, grouting tiles or on clothes. It may black, gray, green or white. You should do the regular checking of mold, especially in wet places. This will enable you to identify it quickly before it multiplies.


Do thorough basement checks and mold house inspection. This is places where people do not go regularly. But due to water leaks that may go unnoticed will make them a better place for the multiplication of mold. You should, therefore, make it a routine to check for water leaks in the basement to prevent mold from growing and multiplying.


Since it feeds on the surface on which it is growing it is increasing on it has a musty smell which can be easily detected. You may not be able to see the mold with your eyes, but you can feel its smell. So during your routine checks, you may feel the smell. This will make you do though check on possible places where mold can be found. With regular checks, you will be able to detect mold.


There is also the dark image that you cannot see with your eyes, but you can tell by the symptoms. This is very dangerous because finding it is hard. Such cases should require professionals in mold detectors who use professional methods of mole detection.



You can also use the mold detection kits. These kits come with different forms and purposes. These kits could be able to detect not only mold but also the strength of mold. They can also check the air quality around your premise. For more facts and information about mold testing you can go to



You can also hire mold detection inspectors. These are people who are specialized in detecting mold and controlling it. They have different high-quality mold detection kits which are capable of detecting even the unseen mold. Testing home for mold can also recommend you on the possible control techniques.